Hoot Gameplay

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Find robo-owls that make the same sound

Poke a robo-owl, and it gets mad. It spreads its wings, its eyes glow, and it emits a terrible screech. Except for that last part. The robo-owls have defective sound chips, so you might hear anything. If you can find more robo-owls that make the same noise and poke them too, they will go haywire and malfunction. The key is to remember which robo-owl makes which sound. To complete a level, find and exploit all of the sound matches before time expires.

The more time showing on the clock when you complete a match, the more points you will get. Sometimes the robo-owls will be worth more (or less!). You can also get extra time or multipliers to help increase your score. Occasionally there will be other goodies as well. To cash in, though, you have to finish the level before the clock hits 0.0. If you finish a level quickly enough, you will earn a stopwatch to commemorate your speedy time.

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